Ben Patton
Staff Media Lead

After finding out their school’s vice principal was forced to resign after marrying his boyfriend, students of Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, Washington staged an epic sit-in protesting the Catholic Church’s stance on gay marriage, and the firing of Mark Zmuda.

The movement was initiated by Eastside senior, Caelan Colburn, who took to his Twitter account yesterday afternoon to tell fellow students, “If you’re not in the commons you’re missing out. Sit in starts today #KeepMrZ2013.”

“Me and three other friends of mine were like ‘whatever, we’re not going to class, we’re going to sit down right now,” Colburn said.

Through the powers of social media, those three protestors quickly turned into 150, and even spread to neighboring high schools like Holy Names and Seattle Prep; where those students also started sit-ins in protest of the same-sex discrimination against Zmuda. “Because there were so…

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